Org Charts for SaaS Companies

This post is built off of David Sack’s original Substack post on The SaaS Org Chart.

Below are three interactive org charts that you can play around with to understand what a typical Series A – Series C org structure looks like. Click the black boxes to open up each team and drag your mouse to move the org chart around.  

Series A

Typically happens when a company reaches approximately ~$1M in ARR and has found product market fit. Rapid scaling begins and hires are made to quickly capture market share against competitors.

Various company functions are set up at this point with Engineering, Product, Sales, Customer Success, and Ops / Finance being the most common ones.

Series B

~$5MM in ARR has been achieved and company is well on its way to scaling. New secondary products are launched and teams begin to focus on specific customer categories (e.g., SMB vs Enterprise)

Series C

Hyper growth is underway and the company has reached $20-30M in ARR. The product is on its way to becoming a category leader and the company is scaling across geographies. Sales, Customer Success, General Ops, and Engineering have well defined teams with layers across the organization. 

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