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Revolutionizing Workforce Planning: Agentnoon CEO Featured in CPO PLAYBOOK Podcast

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone curious about HR topics such as talent management, workforce planning, and organizational design.

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CPO Playbook was founded in 2019 by Felicia Shakiba. She also hosts the "CPO PLAYBOOK" podcast, which offers an exclusive view of how Chief People Officers (CPO) solve organizational challenges. Every week, Felicia invites HR leaders, people scientists, and executives from various industries and functions to discuss their valuable insights and perspectives on the Future of Work. 

This podcast is a must-listen for anyone curious about HR topics such as talent management, workforce planning, and organizational design.

In the latest episode of the CPO PLAYBOOK podcast, Ali Nawab, Agentnoon's Co-Founder & CEO, sat down with Felicia and shared his thoughts on how businesses can use AI to improve their workforce planning and stay ahead of the competition. 

This feature shows Agentnoon's leadership in creating cutting-edge solutions for their industry. It also highlights the vital role that the team has played in improving the structure of organizations and modernizing the way companies plan their workforce.

Summary of the CPO PLAYBOOK Podcast Episode

In the discussion with the CPO Playbook Founder, Ali has provided some valuable insights on workforce planning, organizational design, and the potential of AI.

Let’s take a look at some critical points of this discussion.

  • There are two important aspects to consider when discussing the role of HR leaders. First, the role has changed over the last 50 years from just doing administrative work to also doing strategic planning. Second, HR leaders, finance people, and CEOs all work in different departments and don't always communicate well with each other.
  • The HR and finance departments need to work closely together for a business to do well. However, these departments have different responsibilities and ways of thinking. HR focuses more on following rules and making sure everything is consistent. At the same time, finance is more focused on numbers and cash flow. It would be helpful to have a tool that helps these departments communicate effectively. This would lead to better conversations and a more productive work environment.

  • Nowadays, HR leaders need to be smart about responding to the fast-paced changes around them. With new technology like AI and other factors, things are changing often and quickly. Unfortunately, HR managers are often the least prepared people in a company. While other departments have great tools for analyzing data, HR teams still use basic tools like spreadsheets and manual data entry from various sources. This process is time-consuming and ineffective.

I think, because of how rapidly the world is changing, being strategic for HR leaders is no longer optional. No longer nice to have.” - Ali Nawab.

  • Agentnoon's product assists by handling the data drudgery, cleaning it, and presenting it in a simple visual format that everyone can comprehend. Consequently, HR leaders can spend more time elevating the conversation and making strategic decisions that align with their organization's objectives.

  • During the conversation, Felicia and Ali also explored the idea of improving organizational design by enhancing workforce efficiency. Sometimes, it's hard for CEOs to know how many people they need and who should be in charge. Software like Agentnoon can help businesses respond quickly to changes and make smaller adjustments. The product gathers data from various sources, such as organizational charts, performance ratings, and costs, to enable informed decision-making. This means the leadership can make better choices and not do things too quickly that could hurt the company and employees.

"So they panic, let's grow everyone and every department at all costs, and then like let's cut every team in every department because we overshot, it's quite unhealthy for businesses, it's unhealthy for our economy, it's for the employees." - said Ali Nawab.

  • The development of AI technology is bringing a lot of potential for businesses. It can help make decisions faster by automatically collecting and analyzing data. This can help organizations and their employees work together better, leading to a more fulfilling work environment for individuals.

  • However, the need for human decision-making remains crucial, as some calls still need to be made by leadership teams. Agentnoon aims to create a layer where AI is an assistant to the decision-makers, providing relevant information to adjust their organization.

Wrapping Up

It was a pleasure to meet with Felicia. We are grateful to the CPO Playbook team for featuring us and recognizing the important work we do at Agentnoon to change how we plan our workforce.

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About Agentnoon:

Agentnoon is a workforce planning and org design software for responsible growth. We help you visualize all your people data in one place, optimize your organization, and eliminate inefficiencies.

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Daniya Batool Soomro

Daniya Batool Soomro

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