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FTX and it’s Entities: An (Interactive) Org Chart

The weirdest org chart award goes to the fallen crypto giant FTX. Explore FTX in interactive FTX org chart using Agentnoon's organizational chart software.

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What is Org Chart Software?

Org chart software helps companies create and visualize their organizational structure, illustrating the various departments, their interrelationships, and the positions that comprise them. By simplifying the process of creating and updating org charts, companies can model their workforce and improve efficiency

With org chart software, changes can be easily made and quickly shared with employees to ensure everyone fully understands their roles and responsibilities, along with the structure of the company. Additionally, it can help identify skill gaps and potential areas for improvement in the organizational structure. Investing in org chart software can ultimately improve communication engagement within a company.

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Ftx Org Chart:

As a fun exercise, we attempted to recreate the FTX org chart and entity structure in Agentnoon. We used Yahoo’s published org chart as inspiration. 

Using Agentnoon’s headcount planning tool, we were able to map each complicated entity and its reporting structure to FTX execs. We also overlaid connections between each entity. 

It’s eye opening to see the number of nested entities that existed within FTX and how the number of entities seemed exceeded the number of people at the company.

Full screen version: https://app.agentnoon.com/share/ADy9ybqwA4dA32T6HflA

Ali Nawab

Ali Nawab

CEO, Agentnoon


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