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Workforce Planning & Organizational Design Software for Responsible Growth

Supercharge your workforce planning & organizational design with data driven insights. Build and visualize an efficient organization aligned to your business goals.

Organizational design
Org Design

Roles vs Positions

Roles, positions, role families, and their ratios are more than just organizational jargon – they are the blueprint of a well-functioning company.

Workforce Planning

A Simple Guide to Skills Gap Analysis

Workforce skills gap analysis is an important tool that equips companies to accurately match the supply and demand for talent within their...

Organizational Health

Calculating and Optimizing Span of Control

An ideal span of control ratio encourages operational efficiency and improved decision making within an organization. Tracking and calculating span...

Workforce Planning

The Changing Role of People Leaders

Discover the evolving role of people leaders in today's business landscape, as they transition from traditional HR roles to strategic thinkers,...