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Enable strategic decision making using a fast, easy, and interactive org design, workforce planning, and dynamic people analytics tool.

Org Design and Workforce Planning blogs
Skills-Based Workforce Planning

4B's Approach in Strategic Workforce Planning

Workforce requirements are complex. They will constantly demand interventions like build-buy-borrow-bot to prepare organizations for unforeseen...

Workforce Planning

The Impact of Remote Work on Workforce Planning

The rise of remote work has fundamentally changed the landscape of strategic workforce planning. This blog post explores how remote work is reshaping...

Org Design

RAPID vs RACI vs RASIC Explained

Decoding organizational models 'RAPID', 'RACI', and 'RASIC' will give you clarity, efficiency, and effectiveness in roles. Rapid vs Raci vs Rasic

Org Design

Roles vs Positions

Roles, positions, role families, and their ratios are more than just organizational jargon – they are the blueprint of a well-functioning company.

Org Design

8 Common Org Design Mistakes

Leaders can create structures that look good on paper and also ensure they translate into real-world efficiency and growth by avoiding these 8 org...

Org Design

Post Merger Integration Checklist

Use this detailed post merger integration checklist to ensure synergies between two organizations are realized following a merger and acquisition.

Org Design

What is a Target Operating Model (TOM)?

Learn what a Target Operating Model (TOM) is and why it's important for businesses. See how a TOM helps companies stay on track and succeed in a...

Org Transformation

Activity Analysis 101

Activity analysis is an invaluable tool for organizations seeking to enhance their operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

Organizational Health

Calculating and Optimizing Span of Control

Ideal span of control ratio boosts operational efficiency and decision making. Tracking and calculating span of control ratios is key for org...

Organizational Design

Organizational Design: An Ultimate Guide in 2024

Discover essential strategies for effective organizational design. Learn how to align structure with goals for maximum efficiency and success in your...

Headcount Planning

Headcount Planning Template for Excel

Forecast your headcount needs and projected spend with confidence. Get access to a free Excel template to get started.

Workforce Planning

The Changing Role of People Leaders

Discover the evolving role of people leaders in today's business landscape, as they transition from traditional HR roles to strategic thinkers,...