Headcount planning simplified

Headcount planning for busy executives. Get top-notch insights on real-time and effective headcount planning

Headcount Planning

Headcount Planning Template for Excel

Forecast your headcount needs and projected spend with confidence. Get access to a free Excel template to get started.

Workforce Planning

Unlocking the Power of Workforce Analytics

Discover how workforce analytics can optimize your org health, reduce headcount spend, and improve overall enterprise productivity

Workforce Planning

The Changing Role of People Leaders

Discover the evolving role of people leaders in today's business landscape, as they transition from traditional HR roles to strategic thinkers,...

Org Chart

Org Chart Best Practices

Org chart complicated. Here are key best practices to keep in mind when creating an org chart that is simple and flexible.

Org Chart

Org Charts for SaaS Companies

This post is built off of David Sack’s original Substack post on The SaaS Org Chart. Below are three interactive org charts […]

Workforce Planning

How to do Headcount Planning (the Easy Way)

Grow your business with confidence. In this headcount planning guide, learn how to plan headcount accurately in hours (not weeks).

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